The "Wounded Healer " archetype is initiated into the art of healing through some form of personal hardship--anything from an actual physical injury or illness to the loss of all one's earthly possessions. Regardless of the shape of the wound, the challenge inherent in this initiation process is that one is unable to turn to others for help beyond a certain degree of support. Only the initiate can ultimately heal the wound. If it is an illness or accident, it will frequently be one for which there is no conventional cure. The Wounded Healer archetype emerges in your psyche with the demand that you push yourself to a level of inner effort that becomes more a process of transformation than an attempt to heal an illness. If you have successfully completed the initiation, you inevitably experience an exceptional healing, and a path of service seems to be divinely provided shortly after the initiation is complete.



As the composer, Richard Danielpour was writing this work, he had in mind that we all have the power within ourselves to heal. Sometimes we use this to help others and sometimes it is brought into fruition as a way to overcome obstacles in our own lives. Often as we are going through what seems to be an impossibly difficult situation another person might come into our life who is able to help us to heal in some capacity. Typically, that person is able to do this because of something they themselves have dealt with and had to overcome. An exchange takes place, knowingly or not, and positive transformation occurs. The segmented movements of the new percussion concerto are based on different guises and faces that the Wounded Healer might show up as across different cultures. Lisa has taken on the role of these characters in order to bring them to life on stage. Each performance embodies one or all of the characters as part of the live show. Which face will you see ???







Lisa Pegher Percussion Soloist The Wounded Healer



Lisa Pegher Percussion Soloist
Lisa Pegher Percussion Soloist The Wounded Healer