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Minimal Art: The Show

Minimal Art is a CD/DVD and live performance incorporating multi-media, computer music, live musicians and improvisation. Collaborative partners include composer Andrew Knox, graphic designer Ben Hill, and other composition and improvisation by percussion soloist Lisa Pegher. Minimal Art is a visual display of both multi-media design and percussive art on stage.

The MINIMAL ART live show has a running time of 30 minutes. The current program, Imaginary Windows, includes:


I. Unknown Journey
II. Shattered Run (WATCH/LISTEN first video below)
III. Soul Fly (WATCH/LISTEN second video below)
III. Imaginary Windows (WATCH/LISTEN third video below)
IV. Water Runs Up
V. Pure Passages
VI. Lift Off


Digital Music Programming, and Composition by Andrew Knox, Animation by Ben Hill, Solo Percussion Improvisation by Lisa Pegher, Chamber Ensemble – Various

The CD/DVD is available for purchase at CDBaby.

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