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SideFire Trio


Lisa Pegher: Drums, Percussion, FX, Vocalist and Founder
Chris Hemingway: Saxophone

Daniel Duke: Bass
Other Artists & Band Members TBA are added for every show



This group emerged as way for me to push myself as a writer and to explore new artistic depth in creating original music. The concept for this group developed as I began to see that we too often take what other people are doing and saying as truth instead of reaching inside ourselves to find our own truth and our own voices. We are constantly told that things are supposed to be a certain way, that we have to abide by certain rules and live by preconceived notions. Everything seems to get put into boxes, labeled, then set aside… This never made any sense to me…especially when it comes to music.


The core of the group began as myself on drums/percussion/vox/effects, Chris Hemingway on Saxophone and Daniel Duke on Bass. It has evolved into a group where we experiment with the instrumentation and theme for each show - collaborating with various artists, dancers and musicians. The music has roots in jazz, and indie-pop but we strive to be forever evolving and changing.

We like to call our sound "indie-jazz". 

Our latest album is called: ImPerFection and you can find it on iTunes, Spotify and wherever else you seek to find it.


For more information and to book a show reach out on my contact page or visit


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