The World Premiere Countdown reaches it's final week as Danielpour's Fifth Movement Characte

The Mystic:

"Named must your fear be before banish it you can" -Yoda

The term "Mysticism" has many meanings across many different cultures. As a broad definition it is the aim to become one with the Infinite, Absolute, God, Universe, etc. In another sense it is the ability to overcome the suffering often associated with everyday human life and the ability to experience extraordinary states of mind. Mystics often promote cosmic and universal unity beyond any particular religious ideology. Archetype Initiation: Has the ability to focus deeply Has the ability to empty oneself of their own preconceptions and opinions Gains insight to the workings of the mind through deep practice of a single task Ability to empty negative mental states which lead to suffering (greed, desire, hate, jealousy, pride, etc..) Recognizes personal limitations and can overcome them to the point of fearlessness. Obtains infinite compassion, wisdom, skill, and clear seeing beyond the surface level Lisa's Blog on the Mystic Archetype: Something I've learned from hours and hours in a practice room is that music and more so, the practice of it, has the ability to heal. Ask any person who has spend hours and hours on one task and they will tell you the same. It need not be music related. It could be the mechanic at the auto shop, the brick mason, the carpenter, the mathematician, the baker... The ability to focus on one single task day after day takes you into a dimension that is beyond our everyday dealings. One thing I relate to most with this archetype is the idea of recognizing and overcoming personal limitations. It begins when you have the ability to see where your mind is holding you back due to some personal fear you were taught early in life. These limitations are often forced

upon us by accident from our environment. If you are able to achieve the emptying of negative mental states even partially, the ability to face your fears starts to become more and more possible. One of my major personal limitations as a musician was sitting in at jam sessions. Early on I was faced with so much ridicule and pressure that it made me place such an enormous amount of weight on the possibility of failure that I let this hold me back. In a sense, I was letting the idea of other peoples opinions keep me from doing what I really wanted to do. Going back to the Wounded Healer archetype, it wasn't until I had my own ego beaten out of me that I was able to get up and let go of worrying about what other people might say or the possibility of humiliation and failure. I started telling myself that I was in fact the worst player in the room and that everyone was going to laugh at me. Then, I was able to laugh at myself in a sense. Turns out, it was just my own mind holding me back. I still use that trick and it gets me up on stage every time. Being able to truly face yourself might just be the single hardest thing to do in this life. I suppose that in order to begin to obtain mastery over the mind, you must first figure out how your own mind is working. In the music, this is the final movement of the percussion concerto. When Richard and I were discussing the concerto we both wanted it to be a piece that shows off how beautiful percussion can sound. Not just a work of chops and technicality but one of melodic brilliance and beauty. To me the final movement leaves us with a sense of unity, peace, rest, and relinquishes the sounds back into the nothingness from where it began.