The World Premiere Season Countdown Continues as the Fourth Movement Character is Unveiled: THE SHAM

MVT: IV The Shaman: The Shaman across cultures is typically seen as a practitioner of medicine and healing who is capable of having transcendental powers into the world of spirits and gods. Through ritual practice (often in the form of music and dance) they gain the ability to enter into dream worlds and/or trance states where they are able to invoke healing and sometimes predict the future through clairvoyance. Archetype Character Initiation: Typically is initiated by having to overcome a near death experience of illness or injury Must become sick to understand sickness Has the ability to see beyond the external world Through performance and ritual ceremony is able to enter into an altered or trance state where they deal with deep issues regarding the soul Has the ability to be able to act as a messenger between the human world and spirit world Are looked seen as doctors or healers and are sought out to solve issues affecting individuals or communities Gains the ability to eliminate ailments, restore balance and provide exceptional healing Lisa's Blog on the Shaman: "The border between real and unreal is not fixed, but just marks the last place where rival gangs of shamans fought each other to a standstill" -Robert Anton Wilson This face of the Wounded Healer is one that isn't always present because they balance between this reality and the one beyond. We seek them out if we need advice about the future or if there is an illness we cannot overcome on our own. The Shaman can be seen as somewhat frighting to some because of their ability to reach transcendental states and alter consciousness. To be a true Shaman, one has gained this transcendental ability through practice mind training but sometimes uses natural entheogens to help enter into this state. The Shaman has visions and dreams about people and world issues that are predictors of the future and are said to be able to exist for some period of time in alternate realms or dream worlds to alter the future, alleviate unrest, and bring back balance and resolve to living and dead souls. Across cultures Shamans often use music and dance to transcend into the spirit. In the music that Danielpour has written, this movement definitely takes on a feeling of a ritual ceremony. The drum kit summons the trance state with a straight eighth note "four on the floor" feeling and a Shamanic like dance ritual ensues as I battle it out with the spirits in the alternate dimension. You won't just hear it, you'll feel it. *photo credit (josi lynn)