The World Premiere season begins as the First Movement of Danielpour's Percussion Concerto is un

The Prophet:

A prophet is generally regarded as having a role as a messenger. One who promotes change due to their messages and actions. They are often seen as humble, wise, modest and show up to initiate change without being seen or noticed. Historically, prophets are know seers who are inspired by a higher power delivering a message for a specific purpose. They are known to be able to foresee the future and therefore appear as a way to help others see how their actions will affect the future as well.

Archetype Character Initiation:

Thought to be chosen by a higher power or law to deliver a message

Has the ability to make change while not calling attention to oneself

Delivers message through their actions and teachings

Ability to undergo severe persecution in order to deliver the message

Displays complete selflessness

Typically the message is not fully understood until the prophet is gone

Obtains ability to initiate major change among masses of people

Lisa's Blog on the Prophet:

"Attack you they will, overcome you they will not" -Yoda.

The face of the Prophet comes to you when you don't expect it. It's that moment you are sitting by yourself somewhere and an experience you had with a past person in your life triggers a gut feeling of finally realizing what that person came into your life to teach you. This can happen on a very small scale in every day life or a very large spiritual scale. Like all the faces put forth in this music we can sometimes relate to these character types as someone we know, or as an inner gift that we ourselves might possess. A main characteristic is that a Prophet is typically ridiculed, persecuted, and opposed as they are delivering their message. It is not until much later that the reason for the teaching is realized and it is then when it is typically seen as positive and fully understood by the masses.

In the music that Danielpour has written, it's clear that this face of the wounded healer comes down through the orchestra to deliver the message of what is to come.

In life, we all choose to deliver messages that can affect positive or negative change. We do this in every action, reaction and encounter we have with our environment and those around us.

What message will you deliver today?

*Photo by Dennis Williamson