A new percussion concerto by Richard Danielpour comes to life in 2015-16.

Lisa will take on the different faces of "THE WOUNDED HEALER" as a new percussion concerto comes to life.


As the composer, Richard Danielpour was writing this work, he had in mind that we all have the power within ourselves to heal. Sometimes we use this to help others and sometimes it is brought into fruition as a way to overcome obstacles in our own lives. Often as we are going through what seems to be an impossibly difficult situation another person might come into our life who is able to help us to heal in some capacity. Typically, that person is able to do this because of something they themselves have dealt with and had to overcome. An exchange takes place, knowingly or not, and positive transformation occurs.

The segmented movements of the new percussion concerto Richard has composed are based on different guises and faces that the Wounded Healer might show up as across different cultures. These faces will be unveiled every few weeks as I’m practicing each movement leading up to the world premiere. The final face, that of the actual Wounded Healer will only be shown in live performance.

Follow Lisa's LIVE BLOG leading up the world premiere performances this season.

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